Welcome to the All New MindMeister 6.0

Please note: this article was last updated in 2011. For the latest MindMeister product news, please visit the product updates section on our blog. 

We’re very happy to bring you the newest iteration of MindMeister! This is by far our largest and most substantial product redesign since our launch in early 2007. Many of you have already added your thoughts about the new design over on our Facebook community, as well as on Twitter. If you haven’t done so already, please join us, and let us know what you think, good or bad!

In addition to a fresh visual makeover, we’ve also added a number of new features based on extensive customer feedback and requests, as well as our own usability studies.

Top Ten New Features of MindMeister 6.0:

1. Completely redesigned UI

Focus on ease of use, simplicity, friendliness and consistency with client apps (iOS, Android), using latest HTML5 and CSS3 technology.
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2. Share via link

Ability to share maps quickly via unique links that can be shared via email / IM / Twitter, using the new mm.tt URL shortener.
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3. Export to .docx / .pptx

New, highly customizable export functions to MS Word and PowerPoint, including features such as title pages, table of contents and image export.
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4. Seamless zooming, auto-fit map

Up to 20 zoom levels for smooth and high performance zooming, option to fit embedded maps to frame size.
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5. New map themes

12 gorgeous new map themes including gradients, shadows, and background-images.
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6. Keep-aligned feature

Optimize the space usage of maps by keeping them aligned at all times – no more gaps between branches, no more endless repositioning.
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7. Map drawing enhancements

Beziér connections now have adjustable axes and live line drawing when dragging.
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8. Import multiple files via drag & drop

You can now upload your entire maps library (MindManager or Freemind) in one swift operation.
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9. Midas Touch feature

Users of the new Business plan can turn other users into Pro users by just sharing a map with them – they will be able to enjoy all Pro features such as attachments and images, plus the map won’t count towards their free maps limit.
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10. About 200 further enhancements

Multiple team admins, forced SSL setting, map list filters, new combined settings dialog, auto-number subnodes, fast map loading and display, show/hide scrollbars setting, key shortcuts for dialogs, new share dialog with tokenizer, import zip files, faster offline mode, rewritten Twitter tools, improved map filtering, better public maps view and search, export directly from map list, ability to change payment info, view billing history, completely rewritten online help, and many more.
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As with any new design implementation, we’ve undergone extensive beta testing, but we’re still looking to you to let us know about any issues you may experience with the new MindMeister. Likewise, stay tuned, as we’ll soon be releasing a new series of tutorials, helping you to get the very best out of the new MindMeister experience.

Welcome to the future of collaboration!