Time Tracking and Pomodoro in MeisterTask Using the Toggl Button

Toggl is a widely used time tracking tool that offers apps for all major operating systems, an intuitive, one-click time tracker, and detailed reports of your billable hours and team progress. Thanks to a recent update to its Chrome extension (called Toggl Button), Toggl now seamlessly integrates with MeisterTask’s web app, allowing you to track time in Toggl without ever leaving your task manager.

Time Tracking and Pomodoro in MeisterTask Using the Toggl Button

The Toggl Button even spots a built-in Pomodoro timer, enabling you to break up your working hours into highly productive intervals separated by short, recreative breaks!

How to Add the Toggl Button to MeisterTask:

Step 1: Head on over to the Google Chrome Web Store to add the Toggl Button to your Chrome browser.

Toggl on the Chrome Web Store

Step 2: Once you’ve clicked on the blue ‘Add to Chrome‘ button, you will be presented with the Toggl Settings. In the Permissions tab, search for ‘MeisterTask‘ and click the checkbox next to its entry. Select ‘Allow‘ in the dialog that appears on top.

Give Toggle permission to access MeisterTask

Step 3: Switch to the General tab to enable reminders, idle detection, and other useful settings.

General settings for the Toggl button

Optional: Switch to the second tab to enable the Pomodoro timer. The timer starts running every time a time entry is started and reminds you to take a break when the interval ends. The classic Pomodoro lasts 25 minutes, but you can adjust the interval length if you want.

Using Pomodoro intervals

Tip: The Toggl Button is also available for Firefox! You can get the add-on here.

Time Tracking with the Toggl Button:

The Toggl Button will appear in the upper right corner of your browser, right next to MindMeister’s Quick Access Button, the versatile Push by Zapier, and other essential extensions you’ve hopefully already added to your toolbar 😉

Using the Toggl Button in MeisterTask

You can start a new time entry by clicking on the Toggl Button in your toolbar and manually typing in the title of the task you’re working on. In the drop-down dialog you’re also able to select which Toggl project the entry should be assigned to.

Tip: Use the Zap below to automatically create new Toggl projects from MeisterTask projects:

Alternatively, you can start the time tracking from within a task dialog in MeisterTask. The button will appear in the upper right corner, where you can turn it on and off. Any tags added to the task are automatically added to the time entry in Toggl, too.

Toggl time tracking within the task dialog

To review all your time entries and get detailed reports about your productivity, you can visit the Toggl app.

Toggl App

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