MeisterTask for Microsoft Outlook: Now on Web, Desktop and Mobile!

The MeisterTask for Microsoft Outlook add-in lets you turn emails into tasks and insert them into the MeisterTask project and section of your choice—all without leaving Outlook. We’re proud to announce that the free MeisterTask add-in is now available across Outlook on the web, Windows, Mac and iOS and starting today, on Outlook on Android!

MeisterTask for Microsoft Outlook

Outlook add-ins enable you to extend the functionality of your inbox and connect it with other apps and services you use, helping you manage emails, as well as the action items that are contained within them, more efficiently.  

MeisterTask for Outlook connects your inbox with your project boards, so you can quickly export emails as tasks. The email’s subject line will be used as the task name, and the email’s content will turn into the task description. However, you can easily edit both inside the add-in (before the export) as well as in MeisterTask (after the export).

MeisterTask for Outlook is a great time-saver when you’re working in Outlook’s desktop or web applications, but when you’re on your mobile device, this add-in becomes a true game changer. Get a head start in the morning by reading your emails during your commute, and extract action items easily with just a few taps. All the important information contained in the email will be available in the exported task, making sure that you have everything you need to get productive as soon as you step into your office.  

Using MeisterTask for Outlook (Web, Mac and Windows)

After you’ve connected your MeisterTask account with your Outlook account, you are ready to start turning emails into tasks. Check out the video below for a demonstration of the setup process and to see the add-in in action:

Using MeisterTask for Outlook Mobile (Android)

If you’ve already connected your MeisterTask and Microsoft Outlook accounts via the web interface, there’s no need to do this again on your mobile device. Before you can start using the add-in, please open the Settings in your Outlook Mobile app, scroll down to Add-ins, and tap on the + button next to the MeisterTask entry.

To turn emails into tasks on your Android device, follow the steps as outlined below:

MeisterTask for Outlook on Android

Step 1: Open any email in your Outlook Mobile app and tap on More (the three dots below the email’s date).  

Step 2: In the footer that opens, select ‘Create Task’.  

Step 3: In the next screen, you’ll be able to select the MeisterTask project and section in which the task will be inserted. You can also modify the task name and description. When you’re done, tap on the blue ‘Create Task’ button at the bottom of the screen.  

Step 4: The task will appear in the selected project board right away. Switch to the MeisterTask mobile app to assign it to a team member or add tags, checklist items or a due date to it.

By taking your emails out of your inbox and turning them into tasks, you ensure that important to-dos are immediately inserted into your workflow. Get MeisterTask for Outlook now to make emails actionable, add due dates, tags, comments and attachments to them, and collaborate on them with your team members!

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