New: Track Time Pomodoro-Style with PomoDone and MeisterTask!

PomoDone App is a feature-rich and highly customizable time tracker that uses the Pomodoro technique to help you work with more focus. We’re thrilled to announce that PomoDone now integrates with MeisterTask, and that we’re giving away a 1-year license of PomoDone’s Ultimate plan to celebrate the launch – read until the end to find out how to win!

PomoDone-MeisterTask integration

What is PomoDone?

PomoDone App is a time tracker that integrates with MeisterTask and many other task management tools so you can track the time you spend on tasks via the popular Pomodoro technique. In case you’re not familiar with it:

Developed by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980, Pomodoro is a time management technique that uses a timer to break work down into intervals – traditionally 25 minutes in length – separated by short breaks. Each interval is called a pomodoro. Four pomodori form a set, and each set is followed by a longer break. The Pomodoro system is a popular method to improve focus, eliminate interruptions and manage time more efficiently.

Here are just a few of the reasons why we love PomoDone:

There’s no need to open the app every time you want to start, pause or stop your timer. Instead, you can track time via the PomoDone icon in your toolbar or use an unobtrusive mini-timer that lives somewhere in the corner of your screen.

You decide which MeisterTask projects you want to sync with PomoDone. Once synced, there’s no need to open MeisterTask to track your time – everything can be managed within PomoDone.

When you mark a task as done in PomoDone, it’s automatically marked as completed in MeisterTask too. The time you’ve tracked is also saved in MeisterTask’s internal timesheets.

When you complete a task before your current pomodoro is over, you can quickly switch to another task and start working on that.

PomoDone is super customizable – you decide how long your pomodori and breaks last, which sounds are used to notify you, and how the app looks and behaves overall.

PomoDone can even block distracting websites for you to ensure you stay on task. To configure this, you’ll need to get the PomoDone App Extension, which works on Chrome, Opera & Vivaldi browsers.

And last but not least, PomoDone is available as a web app as well as on Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and soon also iOS.

How to Get PomoDone

PomoDone offers one free and various paid plans that you can choose from. To connect PomoDone with MeisterTask, you’ll at least need to be on their Lite plan, which provides integrations with a number of great business solutions and some valuable customization options.

To celebrate the launch of our integration, the guys from PomoDone have kindly provided a 10% discount for MeisterTask users, valid for all of their premium plans:

Get 10% off on PomoDone

Want to give the Lite plan a try before committing to anything? No problem – just hit this link to get a free 14-day trial:

And last but not least, we’re giving away a free 1-year license for PomoDone Ultimate, the plan that offers unlimited integrations, unlimited log access, and many more features. To enter the competition for the free license, all you have to do is share an inspiring quote from MeisterTask’s dashboard on Twitter or Facebook, making sure to mention @MeisterTask so we get a notification.

The winner will be chosen at random on Friday, 18th May 2018, 2 pm CET, and subsequently contacted via Twitter or Facebook.  

Once you’ve signed up for PomoDone, follow the instructions in our help article to connect the app with MeisterTask and start tracking time – you’ll be ready to get productive within minutes!