Speedy, Shiny, Supercharged: Welcoming MeisterTask 2.0

It’s our pleasure to introduce our biggest update yet: MeisterTask 2.0. MeisterTask 2.0 provides a fresh dashboard redesign, advanced productivity features and a brand new tech stack, making MeisterTask faster and more stable than ever. Read on to find out what’s new…

Introducing MeisterTask 2.0

Note: This article was updated on 21st November.

MeisterTask 2.0 was released as a staged roll-out, which started in July and will be completed towards the end of November. Within the next few days, all remaining users of MeisterTask 1.0 will be switched to the new version.

If you haven’t made the switch yet or are unsure what MeisterTask 2.0 has in store, read on!

MeisterTask Supercharged

Our users were at the heart of this update, so we’ve listened to your requests and implemented quite a few of them.

Along with some fresh productivity features and a sparkly new look, the new MeisterTask features a suite of ‘under the hood’ improvements, ensuring the app is as fast and as stable as possible. Take a look:

New Customizable Dashboard

As soon as you open MeisterTask, you’ll recognize the difference.

With our shiny new dashboard, we’ve worked to make the most of the space available. What’s more, you now have control over what you’d like to highlight.

MeisterTask 2.0 Customizable Dashboard

As shown, you’ll find your latest notifications alongside a customizable list of tasks, as you can now choose which of the following you’d like to display:

  • My Checklist
  • Due Tasks
  • Focus Tasks
  • All My Tasks

customizable task list MeisterTask dashboard

With the new layout, you can make your dashboard as minimal or comprehensive as you like.

New Look Project Board

Our project boards have also received a makeover, with new task headers and updated filter functionality.

MeisterTask 2.0 project board regular view

Note that you can filter by assignee by clicking on the avatar of the person you’d like to filter by, before adding further filters such as tags, due date and task status.

New Productivity Features

Custom Fields

First up, brand new custom fields are now available for all MeisterTask Business users, enabling teams to define one or multiple fields in the project properties.

Custom Fields Project Settings MeisterTask 2.0

These pre-defined custom fields will then automatically appear within each project task, reminding team members to complete this information.

Say you’re using MeisterTask to manage your customer support, with custom fields you can ensure that each task (or ticket) includes the information you need to see the bug through to completion, such as ticket number, operating system and so on:

MeisterTask Custom Fields

My Checklist

With the new checklist feature, you can now create quick to-dos on the fly, without linking the items with any specific project.

As there’s no need to designate a project or section, the tasks can be created straight from the dashboard, where they’re displayed, in seconds.

My Checklist MeisterTask 2.0

This feature is already available on iOS and Android, so following the introduction of MeisterTask 2.0, your checklist will become synced across all devices – web and mobile.


Automations from MeisterTask 2.0

Say “so long” to section actions and “hello” to brand new automations, available across all MeisterTask apps!

With automations for MeisterTask, you can power up your projects with automated actions, helping you to achieve more in less time.

Automations currently cover everything previously offered by section actions, but via a fresh new UI, and soon automations will cover much more, for example, recurring tasks.

New Markdown Formatting for Tasks

With MeisterTask 2.0, we’ve also introduced a number of new Markdown formats for task descriptions, meaning you can make your tasks prettier than ever.

MeisterTask 2.0 Task Markdown Formatting

All of the prior formatting functions are still available, but you can now add the following to your tasks, as well:

  • Headings in three different sizes
  • Indented quotes 
  • Strikethrough text
  • Horizontal lines
  • Inline code, colored red
  • Text in a code block.

All updated instructions on how to format your tasks can be found by clicking on the task description and then clicking the link below, titled Formatting:

MeisterTask 2.0 Task Markdown Formatting link

Faster, Embedded Integrations

Our functionality surrounding integrations has also improved, as you can now set up integrations directly via the My Account area of MeisterTask.

With Zapier, for example, you can create so-called Zaps without even leaving MeisterTask, allowing you to send data to and from over 1,000 of your favorite apps.

Need to create a follow-up task every time a sales query enters your inbox? Zapier has you covered and with MeisterTask 2.0, Zaps are quicker than ever to set up.

Under the Hood: Improved Performance and Stability

Due to our new tech stack, the improvements aren’t just skin-deep. With the introduction of React and Redux, MeisterTask 2.0 is now faster and more stable than ever.

To give one example, we’re now able to focus on loading only the minimum amount of required data to load each area of the app. This makes MeisterTask incredibly fast, as we’re able to predict what should be loaded next, improving transitions within the app too.

Since the new tech stack gives our developers clear guidance on how to build new user interface components, we’ve improved rendering performance too. This, again, makes it faster to translate your data into the visual components that make up MeisterTask.

Additionally, thanks to the new tech stack, our developers will also have a much easier time reproducing and resolving bugs too, resulting in a more stable, valuable product.

MeisterTask 2.0 device group

A More Consistent User Experience

Finally, one of the key goals of MeisterTask 2.0 was to provide a more consistent experience for our users.

With our new tech stack, we can now share components more easily with external integrations, enabling a more consistent user experience across both our products, MindMeister and MeisterTask, and our external integrations, such as MeisterTask for Microsoft Teams.

Next Up

Over the course of the next few weeks and months, you’ll see a number of further features being introduced to MeisterTask 2.0. These include:

Recurring Tasks

As one of our most popular feature requests, recurring tasks is high on our agenda and already in the works.

While you can already set up recurring tasks via our Zapier and IFTTT integrations, MeisterTask will soon offer a native feature for this, with even more customization options.

Multiple Checklists

Soon we’ll also enable the ability to add multiple separate checklists within a task. This is a great way to group checklist items, for instance by type, team member or priority.

We hope you enjoy MeisterTask 2.0!

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