4 Productivity Hacks for Using Dropbox and MeisterTask Together

This post was updated on November 26, 2019.

If you’re a MeisterTask user with a Dropbox account, this post is written especially for you. Here are four ways that you can connect and use these two tools together that will make task management and file sharing more streamlined and efficient!

4 Productivity Hacks for Using Dropbox and MeisterTask Together

1. Easy Attachments via The MeisterTask Attachment Picker

Attach files to any MeisterTask task directly from Dropbox using the attachment picker (the little pop-up box that appears when you click on Add Attachment within a MeisterTask task). Simply select Dropbox from the available destination options, log in to your Dropbox account, choose the file you’d like to add and Bob’s your uncle! Your file will be available as an attachment in your task for other members of your team to download, view, interact with and more. This applies to videos, images, and documents.

Working with an external marketing agency who just sent you a Dropbox link to the latest ad visuals? Add the visuals to your MeisterTask task and mention your team, everyone is able to comment on which one looks best!

2. Automatically Add Files to Your MeisterTask Task

You can add attachments or files automatically to your MeisterTask task with the help of Zapier. Create a free Zapier account that’ll allow you to easily integrate your Dropbox and MeisterTask accounts so that you can start making Zaps. Then create a Zap that will be triggered every time a new file is added to your chosen Dropbox folder. The file can then be uploaded (again automatically) to any task of your choice!

Say you’re in charge of updating your company’s organogram and have been tasked to obtain new photos of all employees. All images can be saved to the relevant Dropbox folder, and this trigger will send them all to one task, taking the manual work out of the process. That task can then be reassigned to your graphics department.  Choose the Zap that allows you to automatically add new Dropbox files to a task on MeisterTask. 

Not sure what we mean by Zapier and Zaps? Check out this blog post explaining everything you need to know.

3. Link To Dropbox Documents In Task Description

Need everyone to have quick access to a document you’re working on? You can paste the Dropbox link to it straight into your MeisterTask task’s description. Instantly, everyone watching that task will have access to your document (provided that you’ve given them the adequate Dropbox permissions). No need for sending out a separate mail all relevant information and data can be stored in one central place. This also means that everyone working on your document will have access to the most recent, updated version. 

4. Automatically Create a New Task Every Time a New File is Added to Dropbox

Again, using Zapier! Work in HR and posted a job lately? You can easily manage your incoming CVs and related tasks using MeisterTask and Zapier. 

Human Resource employees know the feeling of waking up to a very full inbox, especially after a job has been advertised. Hundreds of emails from very eager candidates, every person waiting for a response. That usually means sorting through many applications in order to determine who’d need to be sent declines and who’d be the best candidates to invite for an interview. When you have twenty or even fifty email applications to go through that’s not a big problem, but anything more runs the risk of an ideal candidate being overlooked.

Using MeisterTask to manage the hiring process will make sure that you know at a glance which applications you’ve received, which of them have been answered, and which ones still need your attention.

Create a Zap that will automatically turn your CV applications into tasks. Take it a step further and use another Zap that will automatically save emails from potential candidates CVs to Dropbox.