Welcoming our new team members: Tarryn, Emil, Kurt and Jolanta

Meister HQ is on a roll and it seems to just get… bigger. We’ve got four additional team members to add to our rota, all bringing unique sets of skills to the Meister table. From Marketing and DevOps to Customer Success and Office Upkeep, join us this week in welcoming: Tarryn, Emil, Kurt and Jolanta!


Growth is never by mere chance, it is the result of forces working together

James Cash Penney

Tarryn Abrahams – Content & Communications Specialist

My Background

I have always been fascinated by language and the ways in which it can be used to describe, illustrate and narrate life. I enjoy talking as much as I do reading and writing.

So, when it came to choosing my career path, I naturally gravitated toward the creative, do-something-different-everyday, media and communications type of jobs. Hence me studying Media Studies and English Literature at university. From that point onwards, you could say that I made a concerted effort to make sure that my CV was colored with variety and experience. Before joining Meister, I worked for the Beach Volleyball Major Series where my responsibilities included: writing for the website, newsletter, general English-language content, and Social Media for Instagram and Facebook.

My Role at Meister

I feel like this is the first time that my title adequately describes and pretty much sums up my role. I form part of the marketing team, and even though I’ve just worked at Meister for a week, I can see that there are many exciting projects in the pipeline which I am eager to be a part of. I am really looking forward to contributing meaningfully to the success of MeisterLabs. And of course, assisting with all the communications-oriented queries. 

About Me

When I’m not saving the world through fantastic writing, and general all-round awesomeness, I am home, being mum, to a little rambunctious four-year-old. So my hobbies include: pretending to be a big evil dragon that only little braze knights can defeat, building puzzles, playing with cars, everything space-related, and of course, making up elaborate and imaginative pretend stories. I am convinced Amazon is going to take over the world. And I am on a quest to find the best Hamburger in Vienna and would appreciate any help with this endeavor.

Emil Bruckner – Frontend Developer

My Background

I’ve always been interested in how things work, which led me to create things. With a great interest in creativity, I chose to study at “die Graphische”. This is where I gathered my animation, videography and general design skills. After completing my alternative civilian service at a kindergarten, I worked on my own projects for a couple of months. My short entrepreneurial journey didn’t only include full-stack programming, but also introduced me to marketing. After putting aside my latest project, I got the chance to start working at Meister ⭐️

My Role at Meister

I work on the front-end of MeisterTaskAs of writing this, I’ve only been here for a week, so I haven’t done more than a couple of quick bug fixes. I’ll give my best to advance MeisterTask’s usability even further.

About Me

Aside from writing code at MeisterTask, I still write code for my side-projects, and sometimes tinker with some Arduino stuff. 

I want to live at least somewhat healthy, so I try to put my body to work physically every other day. I drink a lot of water, but no alcohol, and get up early every day. I’m not good at partying. I also try to keep my mind sharp through meditation and learning about things other than coding, like a new language (my only excuse to watch TV).

Kurt Lojka – Head of Customer Success

My Background

I studied Business Administration at the University of Vienna. Before joining the Meister team, I worked in the DevOps space as a sales leader. I managed a team of account managers who had to work with thousands of customers. I also managed the team who was responsible for acquiring new customers. Before that, I gathered a few new skills as a project manager on the growing Austrian and European start-up scene.

My Role at Meister

I am the head of customer success at Meister. That means that I am responsible for ensuring that our millions of users get the best possible experience using MindMeister and MeisterTask.

About Me

I’m interested in gaming (PC, Xbox & board games), movies, and watching TV-series. I also enjoy the outdoors, especially exploring the Viennese woods with my dog. I also love talking sports, eating and cooking good food.

Jola Fryzel-Bara – Office Upkeep

My Background

I come from Poland but have been living in Vienna for several years. I graduated with a degree in economics and I have two adult children.

My role at Meister

I joined Meister in July 2018. My main duties are to maintain neatness in the office, so that our work environment stays nice and comfortable for my colleagues.

About me

I enjoy spending time outdoors. I love nature and open spaces, especially going for walks in the forest. The sound of the sea and its waves stir my soul. I like mountains and rollerblading. I’m a foodie and I like to eat well, but I don’t like cooking. I also enjoy watching thrilling films.

So these are the four latest additions to the Meister team. If you want to take a closer look at how we work, you can follow us on Instagram, and if you’re thinking of joining our amazing team yourself, you can check out our open positions here!