Introducing: Geistesblitz Tools

Please note: This article was last updated in 2007 and the Geistesblitz function is now only available for Apple Watch. For more details, please visit

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GEISTESBLITZ, (noun, m.) [‘gæstes blîts]:

literally translated as mind flash, a sudden insight or idea, often brilliant and unexpected. Consisting of the German words Geist (as in Zeitgeist) and Blitz (as in Blitzen, that lightning-fast reindeer of Santa Claus), it is probably best translated into English as brain wave or flash of genius.

The Geistesblitz Tools allow you to quickly submit your ideas (or Geistesblitzes) to your default map in MindMeister (remember, you can set your default map in the Properties dialog). The ideas will be inserted in a special branch top left of the root and remain there for you to copy to other maps, or move around in the default map.

Geistesblitz tools currently come in two flavours:

Dashboard Widget / Sidebar Gadget

Set up the widget once with your MindMeister username and password, and fire off new ideas at will! Using the widget is fast and intuitive and besides, we think it looks rather dashing…

System Requirements: Mac OS X (10.4+) or Windows Vista

Quicksearch Extensions

Submit your ideas to your MindMeister default map directly from the search field in the top right-hand corner of your web browser. If you use the “Remember me” function on the MindMeister login form, you won’t even have to sign in!

System Requirements: Firefox 2.x or Internet Explorer 7